The Summer 2017 issue of Attain was published on the 26th April.

Lost in Translation

As the UK prepares to leave the EU, not enough attention is being placed on the importance of language learning post-Brexit. Sue Woodroofe, Principal of The Grammar School at Leeds, explains.

I'm bored!

At some point in the holidays, it is inevitable that your child will tell you they are bored. Fred de Falbe, Headmaster of Beeston Hall, explains why boredom is actually something we should all embrace.

Let's be friends

Parents want their children to have strong friendships at school. Tim Smith, Headmaster of Hampton Pre-Prep & Prep, looks at how parents can support their child through the ups and downs of friendship.

A selection of previous cover stories are available below:

Will the Government listen?

Two hundred IAPS Heads have given their reaction to the Government's plans to force independent schools to help improve state schools. Attain's Editor, Matthew Smith, analyses our exclusive survey.

Beyond examinations

Parents are at risk of becoming so focussed in the desire for their children to succeed, says Loren Macallister of Shrewsbury House School, they run the risk of overlooking the real purpose of education.

A sense of service

True leadership is about service, says Mark Boobbyer of St Columba's College, Dublin. But how can a culture of service be developed? The answer, he believes, comes from a unique school in Africa.

Unlocking Education

Prep school education should not be restricted by the ability to pay fees. David Hanson, IAPS Chief Executive, explains how government could unlock education and benefit huge numbers of children.

Letting your child decide

Parents are often reluctant to let their child choose their own school – surely it's a decision best left for Mum or Dad? Rose Hardy, Headmistress of St Margaret's School for Girls, disagrees.

The end of tutoring?

Spending money on a tutor can be a false economy. James Dahl of Wellington College explains how schools are increasingly changing their entry procedures to militate against the ‘tutoring effect’.

Let's shake-up league tables

League tables purport to help parents when selecting senior schools but, in reality, they do more to hinder. Mike Buchanan, Headmaster of Ashford School, argues it is time for radical reform.

Learning from sport

Children can learn myriad lessons from competing in sport at any level. Russell Slatford, who coxed Cambridge in the 1995 Boat Race and is now Headmaster of Bournemouth Collegiate School, explains.

Jobs for the girls

Workplace parity for men and women still has a long way to go. Helen Fraser, Chief Executive of the Girls’ Day School Trust, looks at how schools can help girls be better equipped for their careers.