The Summer 2017 issue of Attain was published on the 26th April.

More than knowledge

In today's fast-changing world, children will need to develop new skills to succeed. Tania Botting, the Vice Chair-elect of IAPS, explains why a head full of information is not going to be enough.

Learning Compassion

We need to equip our children with the tools to be able to overcome mental health challenges in the future. At the heart of this, argues Gerard Silverlock of King's College Junior School, is compassion.

Step-in or step-back?

As a parent, it is often hard to know when to 'step-in' and help your child and when it is better to 'support from the sidelines'. Dr Felicia Kirk, Headmistress of St Mary's Calne, offers some advice.

A selection of previous cover stories are available below:

Why sport matters

The time for sport at school can often be squeezed by the pressure of academic success. But, as James Hodgson of Bedford School argues, the lessons you learn on the sports pitch can be invaluable for life.

Having faith in school

The work of a school chaplain is not limited to matters of faith. A chaplain is at the heart of the school community, supporting pastoral care and pupil wellbeing. James Hanson of Aldro School explains.

The necessity of failure

To succeed at something first requires a determination to overcome failure. Unless schools embrace this fact, says Dominic Floyd from the Prep at Mount Kelly, children are not prepared for real life.

Preparing for transition

The transition from prep to senior school is one of the most stressful and challenging periods in a child's education. Sarah Gomm, Deputy Head (Pastoral) at Oakham, looks at how parents can help.

The benefits of boarding

Boarding is no longer about waving goodbye to your child each term and not seeing them for weeks. Gregg Davies, Headmaster of Shiplake College, outlines why boarding works for so many families.

Doing the Maths

Does your child struggle with maths? Kate McManus of Edge Grove School looks at some of the creative ways parents can get involved to help inspire their child to develop an interest in mathematics.

Reading by Example

Learning to read is never a race and parents should encourage their child's learning at a relaxed pace. Jill Walkinton of Burgess Hill Girls' explores how parents can inculcate a love of reading for their child.

Why school libraries matter

Far from being rendered obsolete by modern technology, good school libraries are being redesigned to meet the needs of the 21st century learner. Denise Reed, Librarian at Ardingly College Prep, explains.

John Bayley RIP

Parents often worry about the best way to encourage their children to read. Dr Tim Hands, Master of Magdalen College School Oxford, recalls the example of a particularly brilliant teacher – John Bayley.